About the Plan Up Club

The Plan Up Club is an innovative web site and mobile application which provides unique lifestyle experiences for its users. Through the application, the members are able to find different places in cities around the world, that offer the right services for them.

The aim of the Plan Up Club, is to provide its members with an easy and quick application that will help them to find, search and book the perfect places for them considering their desires, preferences or special requests.

The app is meant to serve as a travel and lifestyle partner to each individual, that will show them the best options according to their common wishes or temporary needs in their home town or in other cities around the world.

The Club is composed by international members, traveling for leisure or business.  We created compatibility percentages to help them find the perfect hotel or restaurant in any region of the world. When they find the place, they have the possibility to book a room or table and get the confirmation in their calendar.  With time, they get membership points, offering discounts, gifts and customized services. Visit the Plan Up Club

Welcome to the Plan Up Blog, a digital news source sharing the latest international information on travel, leisure and wellness.

Learn more about us here : Plan Up Club Website

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