Have you ever wanted to get close to a waterfall in a safe way? This amazing restaurant gives you that once in a lifetime opportunity.


Located in the Villa Escudero Resort in San Pablo City, Philippines, the Labassin Falls Restaurant is a place you should definitely add to your bucket list. Though the waterfall itself was man made this doesn’t take away its amazing beauty and the wonderful experience you will be a part of.

The adventure starts on the way to the restaurant, since the way to get there is by a cart pulled by a water buffalo. Definitively not something you see everyday.

Once there you will have to take off your shoes unless you want them to get wet. Then you can get to your seat,. Remember the closer you are to the waterfall the more likely you are to get wet. Another cool fact about the restaurant are the tables made from bamboo. The food is local gourmet seafood and rice.


Thought your meal apart from admiring the splendid waterfall you will be treated to local entertainment such as live music and dancing.

After your meal you can either swim or soak in the waterfall. You can also enjoy other activities that are a part of the resort like hiking trails, bird watching, visit the nearby archeological museum, bamboo rafting or visit the surrounding town.

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So if you’re feeling adventurous, go ahead and visit this unbelievable restaurant, make sure to get a picture in the middle of the waterfall to create a unforgettable moment.

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