If you’re a cultural buff, your best bet is to explore museums. You will find everything from incredible artifacts, paintings throughout history and amazing sculptures. Though all the museums on this list are widely popular, their stunning collections make them the best in the World.

Prado Museumshutterstock_570450157

Located in Spain, it contains the largest selection of Spanish paintings, although just a third of it is on display. Its artwork dates back to the 12th to 19th centuries created by the likes of Goya, El Greco y Velasquez. Some of the most famous pieces here are Las Meninas by Velasquez and Las Majas of Goya.

British Museumshutterstock_590151329

One of London’s top destinations, that houses the largest collection of objects from around the world, an approximate 7 million objects. You can learn about the history of humanity all the way from the beginning to the present with its astonishing exhibits. Its main highlights are the Elgin Marbles that decorated the Parthenon in Athens and the largest mummy collection outside of Egypt.

The State Hermitage Museumshutterstock_584760505

Saint Petersburg, Russia. Spawned across 6 different historic buildings including the Winter Place, a former home to Russian emperors. It has the World’s largest paintings collection covering history from the Stone Age to present times. Don’t forget to visit the Golden Rooms and view the golden gems.

Metropolitan Art Museumshutterstock_585926951

Commonly known as The Met and located in New York City on the edge of Central Park. More than 2 million exhibits cover practically every field of art known to mankind. You can even find the entire first-century Egyptian Temple of Dendur in here. Its also where the annual Met Gala occurs every year.

Museum of Modern Artshutterstock_522976018

Another New Yorker, also known as MoMA is one of the most important modern art museums in the world. Since its opening in 1929 it has been revolutionizing the art world with its exhibits and interesting design, a maze of glass walkways. Van Gogh’s The Starry Night and Picasso’s Demoiselles d’Avignon are displayed here.

Louvre Museumshutterstock_589815296

The home of Leonardo Da Vinci’s, Mona Lisa, its one of the world’s largest and most visited museums in the World. The glass pyramid entryway makes it a unique and curious location. Visit it in Paris!

Musee d’Orsayshutterstock_583013611

Known for housing the largest collection of impressionist and post-impression art. Previously a former railway station located in Paris, France. Some of its most recognizable exhibits are The Tub by Edgar Degas and The Houses of Parliament, Sunset, by Claude Monet.

Vatican Museumshutterstock_588653261

A place for your bucket list in Rome, Italy. It has some of the finest works of art ever produced, designed in the Renaissance and High Renaissance by Michelangelo, Bernini, among others. Its artwork is a combination of fact and legend. The incredibly designed Sistine Chapel, spiral staircase and Raphael Rooms are its most famous features.

Uffizi Galleryshutterstock_587771186

One of the oldest art museums in the world started by the Medici family in Florence, Italy. Its collection of Renaissance paintings and sculptures is marvelous. Sandro Botticellli’s famous Birth of Venus is a masterwork here.

Egyptian Museumshutterstock_586796591

Home of the largest collection of Egyptian archaeological found in Cairo, Egypt. Its widely known for the Royal Mummy Room that has 27 royal mummies and for the objects from The Tomb of Tutankhamen.

So what are you waiting for? Go exploring!

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