Traveling is one of the best experiences you can get. Wether it be in a group or by yourself, you are bound to make memories for life. Sometimes you want to explore with your family, friends or significant other but sometimes you just want to be by yourself. So, before you decide to embark on a journey here are some advantages and disadvantages of traveling solo.



When traveling with others you are subjected, in a way, to the things that other people want. If your travel buddy wants to get up a 7am or to go to a specific location, you have to make some sort of compromise, but if you travel on your own you make your own plans. That means, that you can get up at the time you want, go to the places you are interested in, leave at the time you want, etc. Apps can make your life simpler for example, use The Plan Up Club to find the best hotels and restaurants.


Meeting new people

By traveling alone you make yourself more available in terms of making friends. People are more bound to approach to you, if they see you alone. You can even try to join a group of travelers to meet new people, in case you don’t want to spend the whole trip by yourself. Hostels, bars and restaurants are also a great place to meet others.

No arguments

Since it’s only you, there is no chance of an argument happening when you and your travel buddy can’t make a decision.

Time for you

There is no better time to reflect than when you are by yourself. Take the trip as a way of thinking and get to know yourself better. Along the way you will learn to be more independent and responsible since you will have to manage things on your own.

Money, saving and spending

This one works as a advantage and disadvantage. By traveling alone you save money on meals and transportation since it’s only for one. Lodging can be cheap or expensive depending on what you choose.



No split costs

As mentioned before, this works as both. Some tours and activities may be more expensive since they normally are a part of two people package.

Sharing travel experiences

There are some days when you are bound to feel lonely or when something incredible happens you might want to share it with someone. On your return you will want to be able to remember these experiences with your travel buddy. 


This is a big one. Since you are traveling alone you have to take some safety precautions such as avoiding dangerous areas, keeping your valuables secured, to not be too trusting. Mostly its just having common sense.

No help

Since its only you, you might have a couple of problems when needing help. Your best option is to pack lightly so you won’t have problems with carrying your luggage. The other problem is taking photographs. You will be left with a bunch of selfies unless you ask for help. Ask older couples or families so you don’t risk someone running away with your camera. If you forget something there’s no chance your travel buddy might have brought it along.  It all comes done to what your personality, goals and expectations are.


Either way, traveling in a group or by yourself you will create life-long memories.

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