Travel, one of the best experiences you can have. Wether it be as a local tourist or as an outside tourist you are bound to see new places and immerse yourself in a new culture. But what happens when getting to your dream vacation includes what feels like an endless flight?

Being on a plane for more than 13 hours is no easy task, that much all of us travelers know. From crying children, other passengers moving around and talking loudly to uncomfortable seats or bad smells just getting to your destination can be an adventure itself. So, in order to make these hours fly by, take a look at our long haul flight survival guide.


If you are going on a long flight, your best option is to reserve a seat in first class, since you will definitively gain more leg room, a bed and more amenities. Though this is not always possible, try to get an upgrade if you have frequent flyer miles use them; you will be thanking yourself later. If all else fails in terms of an upgrade check out SeatGuru to find the best seat available.

Always try to avoid the first few rows since they are normally made available to families and small children. The middle aisle seats are better since they provide you with enough space to move around and you won’t have to pass over people in order to use the restroom or be passed over.

With your seats booked, you have now to prepare your luggage. Try to be a light carry on packer, a bigger suitcase will take up your leg room and make you uncomfortable. There are a couple items that you shouldn’t forget though.

  • A change of clothes
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant, remember to make sure they comply with FAA regulations so they don’t get confiscated)
  • Snacks (Although airlines provide you with meals, it’s better to be prepared in case you get hungry when there’s no food)
  • Neck pillow
  • Eye mask
  • Noise cancelling headphones or earplugs
  • Electronics (make sure to fully charge them before the flight to avoid any power problems in flight)
  • A paperback book
  • Games in case your traveling with children

A common misconception most people fall into, is believing they can sleep for the full of the flight. Though this is possible if you aren’t somewhat rested from the night before and for some reason are unable to fall asleep you won’t have a pleasant time on board. Even if you slept the night before, you can still have brief naps on the way.

Dressing comfortably will be of much help to ensure maximum comfort. Keep in mind that you are going to be on a airplane for a long time so tight fitting clothes may not be the best idea. Wearing layers helps with the air conditioning system of the airplane. Try to adapt the layers of clothes to the weather of the place you are flying to, so you don’t freeze or heat up when you land. Wear closed toe shoes, in case of an emergency they will be better help than flip-flops.

During your flight remember to relax as that will be your best ally for the hours to come. If you plan on sleeping make sure to secure your luggage. You can also pass time watching on of the inflight movies or catch up with the movies or books you brought on board.

Boy using phone on airplane.jpg

Another excellent way to pass time is to talk to fellow passengers, you might even find a travel buddy for the rest of your trip or a friend in case you need help.

Staying hydrated and exercising during the flight is extremely important. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol, instead drink plenty of water. Walk around the isles or stretch near your seat to avoid the risk of the formation of blood clots also known as deep vein thrombosis.

When you get off the plane you will have to deal with jet lag, specially after flying over multiple time zones so try to make your landing time at night or the afternoon.

For your next long haul flight, make sure to keep our survival guide handy so you can have the best flight experience. Safe travels!


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