Lake Como Streets, Italy


This Lombardy region of northern Italy is absolutely stunning. The charming town is not only well known by it´s vibrant colors, but by its peaceful ambient as well. It´s streets are so beautiful ya can think about them as a painting.

Moscow Streets, Russia


Not only Moscow, but the entire present-day Russia is filled with historical buildings and monuments of unique architectural style and technique. Every one of them carries its own stories and legends, reminding the viewer of various glorious eras. Emphasizing the characteristics of all periods that Russia has been through, from Tsardom Empire and the Russian Empire to the Soviet Union and the today’s Russian Federation, each street tell a story about a Russian Period, and that is what make them so interesting

Mykonos Streets, Greece:


Mykonos is the most cosmopolitan island in the Cyclades and one of the finest examples of Cycladic architecture, and it’s streets are a prove of that. The lanes tell all the story hidden behind that whitewashed walls.



Streets of Catalonia, Spain



The cities and towns of Catalonia are considered some of the most beautiful not only in Spain, but in the world, therefore, the simple fact of walking through them is quite an experience. In addition to being amazingly gorgeous , these streets are also one of the safest, which is because there is a very good safety culture.

Colmar Streets, France



Seemingly right out of a storybook, the charming Old Town of Colmar is a captivating maze of winding cobblestone streets lined with typical Alsatian burghers’ houses. This well-preserved historic area ies between the Rue des Têtes, the Rue des Clefs, and the Rue des Marchands near the Place de la Cathédrale.

Salzburg Streets, Austria


These ones are like going back in time into the 1700’s. A particular highlight of this street are its ornamental and often quite elaborate guild signs protruding from the building facades, high above pedestrians’ heads. Yet another magnet for visitors is Mozart’s Birthplace which means the natives have plenty of stories to tell.

Cherry Blossom Season Street in Bonn, Germany


They are certainly ordinary streets, but this lush Japanese trees create a stunning translucent archway by their twisting branches and form a real tunnel, which makes this street very cozy and romantic, especially during the spring season. No less beautiful time comes when the sakura petals overfly from the trees onto the asphalt like a pink rain and you see a bright carpet underfoot. The sidewalks dazzle with strewn confetti and this makes the alleys the most  romantic place!

The Algarve Streets, Portugal


 As you may know, The Algarve is very well known by it’s beaches and coasts. It is the most popular destination among tourists in all Portugal. But this time, it wasn’t the amazing coast the one that captivated us. this time was the unique streets. They are a mixture between the minimalism of the white walls with the cheerfulness the color details bring.

Strandvägen Streets, Sweden


 With high-end fashion stores, stunning eighteenth century buildings, opulent restaurants and a harbour packed with luxury boats, Strandvägen is part of the most exclusive district in Stockholm, although the area used to be a ghetto back in the 1800s. There are just 37 residential properties on this long and sumptuous street.

Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland


Who says you have to wait to christmas to see all the streets lighted? Grafton Street, Dublin surely don’t. The dazzling lights way is always shining, waiting for a walker to pass and admire them.

Jordaan Streets, Netherlands


Often cited as Amsterdam’s most charming neighbourhood, wandering into the Jordaan feels like stepping back in time. Originally a working class area, the Jordaan’s narrow streets and quaint buildings now make up one of Amsterdam’s most desirable quarters, dotted with independent art galleries, antiques shops, courtyard gardens and atmospheric bars and restaurants.

Kotor Streets, Montenegro


The streets of Kotor are a mixture of many influences, from Roman and Venetian to Ottoman and modern times architecture. That’s what make them so special. They are multicultural and contemporaneous.

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