Conrad Maldives, Ranhali Island


Opening its doors a little over five years ago, the resort features the world’s first all-glass, under-the-sea restaurant. Guests are offered the experience of dining 16 feet below sea level with 180 degree views of the reef and marine life. The resort has also been known to transform the underwater dining room into a private bedroom suite for two on special occasions.


Underwater room at The Manta Resort, Kwanini Africa


Imagine yourself encapsulated within a turquoise blue bubble, watching shoals of reef fish swimming lazily by – sometimes in three or four layers of different species above the reef floor.

This is the heart-stopping experience that awaits you in the underwater room. The floating structure, Swedish engineered, provides three levels, those above the water clad in local hardwood, and each an experience in itself.


Udang House, Bambu Indah, Bali, Indonesia


Udang House or Shrimp House is a very unique piece in Bambu Indah and perhaps in Bali. Situated above a fresh shrimp pond, this house has tempered glass floor panels for an underwater panorama of crustaceans in action.

It Is filled by a natural river, uses local lava stones for filtering all things green, and is surrounded by large, beautiful stones from the mountains.

Poseidon Suite, Atlantis Hotel, The Palm, Dubai


When in your life can you say that your hotel room had a floor to ceiling window looking directly into a Lagoon with 65,000 marine animals? This is one of the many incredible features that the Atlantis Seven Signature Suites has to offer that truly defines a unique and luxurious holiday experience.

Ocean Suite, Resort World Sentosa, Singapore


A luxury hotel room designed to offer the guests the best of both land and sea. The upper level consists of an open living area leading onto an outdoor patio and Jacuzzi whilst the lower level offers guests with an underwater view of over 40,000 marine fishes in the comfort and privacy of their own suite. Discreetly tucked away on one side of the world’s largest aquarium, guests will be treated to five-star comfort and personalized butler service whilst enjoying spectacular views of this underwater sanctuary.

Poseidon Undersea Resorts, Fiji


Taking a clearer and a close-up view undersea in a dry and comfortable futuristic pod resting in the seabed is what Poseidon Undersea Resort is all about.This splendid space offers an enchanting environment made all the more interesting with its ever-changing backdrop: a transparent wall overlooking a coral garden.

Lovers Deep Submarine Hotel,  Caribbean


If you’re an intrepid traveler who loves luxury and exclusivity, then you’re in luck.

Oliver’s Travels, an UK company specialized in the rental of exclusive properties and luxury travel, is offering a unique, personalized and unforgettable experience. We are referring to a romantic sojourn for two on board a spectacular underwater hotel, Lovers Deep.

Sandals Royal Caribbean, Jamaica


If you love the ocean but you are too afraid of spending too mucho time under water or just want some fresh air, this is the hotel for you.

These gorgeous over-the-water villas convey an intimate connection to the Caribbean Sea. From floating water hammocks to private glass floors delivers an immersive journey of the Caribbean’s finest turquoise waters and rich marine life.

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