Sri Lanka:

With many sites and scenes bottled up into a small island, any traveller could be riding the waves in the dawn and admiring the green carpeted mountains by dusk.  The smiles and hospitality of Sri Lanka is world famous as well as for  it’s spicy food, exotic fruits and array of sweetmeats.

If you are looking for golden beaches, rising waves, misty mountains, mighty elephants, outrageous leopards, giant whales, a very interesting past, delicious tea and warm smiles, all sums up in a country: you have to visit Sri Lanka.



A country that hides not only thousands of years of history, but an amazing cultural mix is waiting for you! As if that wasn’t enough, Burma is also one of the world’s greatest archeological existing sites in the world.

It also offers a lot of  amazing experiences for the tourists. Have a ride in a hot air balloon, a sunrise journey over more than 200 temples that dot the plains at Bagan, or even get to see the Shwedagon Pagoda, a 2,500-year-old pagoda covered with hundreds of gold plates while the top is encrusted with 4531 diamonds.


Traveling to Malta is one of the best options to consider if you are looking for a fantastic vacation in the middle of the Mediterranean. It holds a treasure of nature and culture within reach of anyone. The beaches and coves are perfect for those who are seeking to relax in the sun; while its temples, walled cities and cliffs will make you lose the notion of time.

Traveling to Malta is like stepping back in time as it is filled with ancient buildings and villages that seem to be in another time dimension. Although it is a small island, it has many points of interest for the tourism; some of them even declared a World Heritage Site.


Known as the country of “the thousand hills” and in which it is always spring, Rwanda is located in the center of the African continent. The landscape is composed by mountainous terrain, infinity of rivers,lakes and a rich fauna. It is especially known for the famous string of Virunga volcanoes and the gorillas that live in the mountains however, it has many other attractions: from tropical forest to spectacular lakes.

Exploring Rwanda is one of the most life changing and gratifying experiences one can get. The children’s smiles, the people’s human touch, and the native’s modesty flourish all over this amazing place.


It is a country of extraordinary cultural richness. It is a place where the ancestors are just as much part of the present as of the past. You can enjoy the beach and the sun as well! This destination offers countless of wonderful places, paradisiacal islands, historic sites and nature reserves awaiting for visitors.

Madagascar also allows you to discover an extraordinary variety of fauna and flora. The king of wildlife is the lemur, a specie that is only visible in Madagascar. Its fauna is also characterized by a variety of winged species, including several endemic ones.  A trip to Madagascar also gives you the opportunity to discover the giant baobab, one of the most unique trees in the entire world.


The Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, the Colca Canyon, the Saksaywaman, it’s Monasteries, the Larco Museum, the Huacachina Oasis and the Ballestas Island are just a few reasons to visit this unbelievable country.

It is also  among the countries with the most diversity of natural resources in the world. The Peruvian flora has given the world the largest variety of plants. The variety of cultures, makes Peru a very interesting country too; each one stands out for the characteristics that make them unique. It can be the coast, the mountains or the jungle. The villages maintain their customs, rules, typical clothes, music and typical dishes.


This small, often misunderstood Balkan state is located across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, directly above Greece, Albania is an open, friendly nation with striking terrain and a flourishing nightlife.

A millenary culture, uncontaminated natural spaces, practically virgin beaches, delicious gastronomy and the cordiality of its inhabitants make Albania an assured success. An incredibly exotic country, and one of the last unknown countries in Europe, may become one of the emerging destinations of the coming years.

The Azores

The nine islands of the fascinating archipelago of the Azores, in Portugal, will undoubtedly satisfy every visitor. If you are looking for spectacular landscapes with endless panoramic views; wild nature, exuberant flora of all the colors of the rainbow in abundance, hiking tours, small and quiet villages, outstanding coves and natural beaches, the Azores Islands are your perfect destination!

The Azores has not only abundant wild nature, but also a fascinating history due to its strategic position in the North Atlantic, crossroads of three continents: Europe, America and Africa. This fact has left a rich cultural legacy to the Azores islands with unique traditions to discover.

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