There are plenty of incredible destinations around the world, but is hard to find a place that has it all: from sand and beaches vibes to snow and a totally cold and beautiful weather. Besides that, Spain is also, culturally talking, a very rich country and has a lot of history to learn from.

And as a matter of fact it has also an incredible gastronomy! From Valencia’s famous and delicious Paella to Austurias, with it’s incomparable Fabada, also visiting Segovia and it’s  exquisite “Cochinillo”; in a nutshell, tasting good Iberian food is reason enough to pack everything and go straight to Spain.


Also, Spain has the most unique parties, when it comes to row and party, this amazing country gets the first place in the competition. In a Spanish celebration, there is room for everything: from dance to throw tomatoes to each other and even taking part in an ants fight. How crazy can that be?

Have we mentioned it’s beaches? There are  many tropical destinations in Spain, no matter if you want a peaceful environment of white and gold sand with turquoise clear water or wild waves to surf and practice another adventure water sports, you have it! The beaches are just amazing, among these are the Baleares Islands ones: Cala Macarella and Macarelleta . Also, another beaches like the Costa Brava and Cabo de la Gata beaches couldn’t be forgotten.

Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava

And beaches are not the only beautiful natural scenery Spain has. You can be in a dessert one day and the next day hiking in a forest. You can also visit the Cíes Island cliffs or visit some of the most famous natural parks in the world as well.

If all of that is not enough, the unique architecture will leave you astonished. You don’t have to be an architecture amateur to recognize the fine art and the marvelous edifications that make Spain simply gorgeous. The gothic but classic influence is the highlight of the city’s design and charm.

If those are not enough reasons to visit Spain, just have in mind that no matter how much you read or hear about it, nothing compares to the experience of being a tourist in such a cultural and historic country so pack your stuff and go discover yourself why Spain is so worth to visit.

National Museum, Barcelona

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