Scuba diving with sharks in Belize:

during the spring time. Whale shark frequently visit a unique area on the reef of Belize called gladden Gladden Split. This area, is used by over 20 species of Caribbean fish to release their eggs. If you visit it in the right time, you can have the chance to swim with lovely whale sharks and feed them! How amazing!

Learn how to surf in Costa Rica:

If you haven’t surfed before, Costa Rica is the right place to start! it is well known worldwide because it’s stunning beaches and surfers from around the world visit Costa Rica to catch the year-round waves. Not sure if surfing is your style? Grab a paddle board and try stand-up paddle boarding while watching the sunset: a once in a lifetime experience.

Feed a baby feline in Mexico:

The Vallarta Zoo in Puerto Vallarta, allows you to see more than 700 mammal, bird, and reptile inhabitants that are surrounded by natural jungle. If you visit the zoo, you can feed  the baby tigers,  hippos, dears, rhea, dromedaries, spider monkeys, bears, flamingos and even more. Isn’t it so cool?

Roast a marshmallow over a Volcano in Guatemala:

Who needs an open camp fire when you toast your marshmallow or make a s’more in a volcano? Pacaya volcano stands at 2,552m high and first erupted about 23,000 years ago. It is an active volcano and so it is not uncommon to see constant flows of burning hot molten lava oozing down the slopes of the volcano.

Go volcano boarding in Nicaragua:

Cerro Negro is an active volcano outside  Leon, Nicaragua.  There are two different ways to go volcano boarding. You can stand up like on a snowboard, or you can sit down like on a sled while taking a look to the breathtaking view of Leon’s Mountains.

Meet a Shaman in Honduras:

getting to know a Mayan Shaman could be a life-changing experience. If you get to know one, get the most advantage you can. They are known for sharing their wisdom and provide a unique insight in the Mayan World.

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