South America is surely filled with natural wonders, including The Amazon Rainforest.

It is said that traveling to the Amazon Rainforest is almost like traveling to a whole new planet. It is known as the world’s lung, because is one of the biggest geographical extensions in the globe, and all it’s vegetation purifies the entire earth’s air! Amazing right?

Besides the incredible job the Amazon Rainforest does for the planet, it is also an unique and beautiful tourist spot. We have selected a few of the most famous ones so you can get an idea of how would visiting the world’s largest rainforest be like:

Unplugging at Marashá: YES, Unplugging. Isolate yourself from any kind of social network, phone, television and even radio. In the Peruvian Marashá forest reserve, the harmony between the human being and the forest is completely obligatory. More than an adventure in the woods, it is an unique  transforming experience.


There is a variety of flora and fauna, you can find toucans, macaws, herons and babillas. It is a kind of oasis in the green desert. Black lakes of calm waters are home for different kind of snakes, piranhas and reptiles will blow you away.

The Night Flowers: these are exotic and unique flowers that you can find in the city of Leticia, Colombia. Each plant is a perfect floating circle of bright green, crowned by a beautiful white or pink flower in the center.Yet the Night Flowers are not like the rest of the flora of the Amazon, they offer an incomparable natural spectacle: Its flower opens only in the nights and emanates a sweet aroma; So it is preserved until the morning of the following day, when it is closed to wait for the night to come and flourish again.

The monkeys island:  If you visit the Amazon rainforest, this tour is  You arrive by sailing the river. It is 35 kilometers from Leticia’s harbour by speedboat, or chalupa as the natives call it.

The tourist guide deliver bananas to the visitors. Simply extend your hand to a bush, offering the snack, so that hundreds of monkeys descend and surround the visitors. There are some of them that they climb up the tourists, stand on their head and play with their cameras. It is estimated that this sanctuary is home to about 2,500 primates. At the entrance you can find indigenous handicrafts at low cost, made with vegetal crusts, with emblematic figures such as pink dolphins, lotus flowers and macaws or monkeys.

Omagua’s Adventures: Omagua is a Colombian forest reserve that is also very close from Leticia. There, you will find the highest canopy in the amazonas and the coolest suspension bridge. In this biological wonder, the jungle life and the adrenaline are always waiting for the tourists to come.

The total route of the suspension bridge of 400 meters long is about 35 meters height, reaching a speed that goes between 45 and 60 kilometers per hour. the hole experience is a combination of sensations. the route will start by climbing a tree of 35 meters of height until arriving at the first platform; Then you cross a suspension bridge to canopy. At this point, exuberant nature is at your feet: plants, trees and fauna can be seen in their splendor during the almost 40 seconds that the flight takes.

More than 250 000 tourists per year visit this forest and none of them leaves it without a story to tell about all the life changing experiences the Amazon has to offer.  Can you see why?

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