It is not a secret: Thailand is not only one of the most beautiful places to visit in the whole world, but it also posses a very interesting culture filled with delicious food, fascinating beliefs and amazing people.

Thailand is also known for it’s unique traditions. There are two main festivals that take place on the opposite sides of Thailand, but they have the same purpose and meaning.

The first one is known as “Loi Krathong”. It takes place in the southwestern Thai cultures, such as Thailand, Laos, Shan, Kedah and more. It consists on making a little basket with your own goods and let it flow on the river, making a wish as it goes away.  It’s name, literally, means “to float a basket”.

 Wat Pahn Tao - Loy Krathong

The “Yee Peng Festival” is the Northern Thailand version of Loy Krathong and it takes place each year during the full moon of the twelfth  month of the Thai calendar wedging with the second month of the Lanna calendar, which is normally in November.

Can you even imagine thousands of lights rising above and floating over your head, filling the dark skyline with lumen lanterns? It seems as if were taken from a fairy tale!


And that is not even the best part. Besides how beautiful it looks, the  person who glows the Lantern can make a wish while letting it go. Thais actually belief that the wish you make, should be beneficial to someone else apart from you, especially to your enemies. They say, that the things you do for other people, will come back to you at some point of your life; so you should never wish  the worst for someone because you are wishing the worst for you as well.

So, Thailand is not only a beautiful country. It incredible festivals too! And if that is not enough, as you go to the festival you can learn, not only about the history and culture of Thai people ( which, by the way, is also captivating)  but it also teaches your soul how to wish. Definitely another place to add to our Bucket List, what about yours?

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