International traveling can be really fun, but, have you ever though about being a tourist at your own city? Each and every city has something new to discover every day, no matter if you have been living there for years. That is the magic of places: they are never fully explored.

There are a lot of awesome benefits about exploring your own town, for instance, you won’t spend as much money as you would when traveling abroad and won’t need to bring your passport. Also it is easier to know how the weather is going to be and getting lost won’t be so hard.

You can start by taking a historical tour. Sure you can reel off the names of the iconic buildings in your hometown, but do you know their history? Do you understand how your city was founded and why? When you visit another city it is very interesting to know about their history, on most cases. So, why not to know about yours?


Another idea to add to the list is to visit new places. By places we actually mean establishments. We get used to have breakfast in the same cafe, or lunch in the same old restaurant. What about breaking the routine and trying something new? There is a lot of incredible stuff we miss just because we think we are “fine” in our comfort zone. Experiment, attempt new things, do not assume that you fully know the place you live in, there is a lot to discover yet.

Likewise you can act as a tourist. By this, we are not referring to packing all your clothes and carrying an extra heavy backpack kind of vacationist. What we actually mean is to act as if you know nothing and you are starting to learn everything about your city. Be amazed with the little details of every structure, notice and fall in love with the unique culture.

Take small things and make them bigger. Those little things you usually do, make them tourist like. Your daily stroll around the block could turn into a walk around a new-to-you neighborhood. Friday pizza night at home? Why not make it a mission to test out the newest pizzeria in town. You’ll be surprised how simple shifts in everyday strategies can widen your window for adventure.


It is said that you should never give anything for granted, and whoever said it, couldn’t be more right. Sometimes we don’t see how amazing a place is and even get to think that it is boring just because we are use to it. And that is why we should start to rekindle our own town.

We all have heard, at least once, that the grass is always greener on the other side, but maybe it is because we forget to water our side of the garden. And by water our side we mean to really know it, rediscover it; to find out how amazing can an “ordinary” place be or even realize there are new things to learn about it. When do you start?

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