There are millions of online travel agencies around the internet world, but, Are them all worthy? Some of them are certainly not. A lot of OTA’s claim to have lot of benefits, but there is always a hidden side they don’t show to all the clients.

Arthur Paré, the founder and CEO of The Plan Up Club, is well aware of the problems encountered by establishments while dealing with online travel agencies: abusive commissions, price placements, invasive advertisements and increasing defamation in public comments. He examined each problem, and created a multi-functioning platform that eliminates money preoccupation, wasted time and non-transparency problems.


The Plan Up Club is not only an amazing feature for it’s members, it also benefits the other side of the coin: the professionals.The professionals are managers or owners of different establishments around the world like hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, among others. They can join The Club by registering into the system, which provides them with a variety of communication and management tools that can help them to attract more clients to their establishments.

As a professional, you have at your disposal a photo gallery, a reservations system, schedules, and PDF files among other services. You can also choose a range of services the establishment offers, so the compatibility percentages system can match the place with the member that looks for the selected services. It also offers the Analytics Tool: an amazing feature that shows you how many visits the place’s profile had and it’s arising country, the total visits or reservations by gender, month and also year.


And it gets better:  the platform also allows users to communicate directly with businesses and share comments, notes or recommendations about their experience. The goal is that registered establishments have  a customized feedback and can implement improvement actions or continue with good practices.

An awesome system right? The best part of all is that all the benefits are charge-free. Since the beginning. Paré has focused on transparency, simplicity and managed to make The Plan Up Club the first digital club personalizing trips and journeys.

So, how do you win with The Plan Up Club? You will have a complete and innovative platform at your disposal to communicate with potential members around the world and promote your business. And the best part? The are no charges!



Learn more about The Plan Up Club:

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