Can you imagine having an appetizer under the sea and the main dish at a baroque style restaurant in Versailles without leaving your chair? Paco Roncero makes this possible by turning his restaurant into a theater for the senses.

 The idea came in 2012 to Roncero’s mind, who started a research in the same year to develop the project just the way he imagined it.

 Two years later, with the help from specialized engineers, illusionists, architects, choreographers, chefs, screenwriters, graphic and set designers, Roncero accomplished the perfect merge between the best cuisine in the world and the most breakthrough technology.

 The exclusive restaurant in Ibiza has a single table designed for only 12 guests, which makes the 350m2 room, a space where the time spent at Sublimotionbecomes a life-changing experience.

 The remarkable creative process of the Chef and his team is the one thing that you can taste when you visit his restaurant. All the hard work and innovation are the main ingredients on every dish. That’s what makes every visitor fall in love with the unique place.

 Undoubtedly, the change of lights, scents, sounds, temperature and even humidity merged into a luxury dining experience which makes this restaurant almost magical and definitely a one of a kind.

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