We all know the seven wonders, but the the world is awash with other natural marvels that aren’t so well known. Take a look:

Zhangye Danxia Landform, China


One of those mind blowing gems in China has just made it to our travel-lust-list. The incredible colors of the rocks resulted in millions of years of orogenic movement, structural deformations, water flow fissures and oxidization, creating a rainbow mountain. Amazing right?

Great Blue Hole, Belize


A 300 meters wide and 120 meters deep hole with a beautiful navy blue color, surrounded by the clear water of the Lighthouse Reef is definitely the perfect combination to create a natural wonder. Are we right?

 Meteora, Greece


Meteora in Greek means “Suspended in the air”. Native’s legend states that you feel like flying when you are hiking in this rocks; this because all the serenity you can get from the silence and peace of this place.

 Salar of Uyuni, Bolivia


No, your eyes are not deceiving you. As incredible as it may seem, this is a real place located in South America. This is the world’s largest salt flat and for sure another place to add to your Travel Bucket List.

 Ancient Region of Anatolia in Cappadocia, Turkey


Cappadocia is a historical region in Central Anatolia, which means this incredible sand embossment is not only beautiful, but also filled with culture and history. Is there something better than learn while traveling?

Tunnel of love, Ukraine


Located near the town of Kleven, this luscious green tunnel provides passage for a private train that provides wood to a local factory, nevertheless the Ukrainians  gave it a simple train rail a meaning, making it the #1 spot to make love promises in their country.

Antelope Canyon, United States


It is located on Navajo land near Page, Arizona. If you go there, you will walk through a narrow slit in the earth where you’ll witness the sculpted sandstone cliff. Sunlight overhead forms shafts of light that pass through into the canyon making it even more beautiful and worth visiting.

The Lavander Fields, France


This destination is not only a feast for the eye, but for the senses. If the amazing landscape of the lille Lavender Field doesn’t  captivate you, the delicious smell will. The colour, the texture, and the scent makes this place a one of a kind.

 Kirkjufell Mountain, Iceland


What a dream location! Located on the North Coast of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, this is the main attraction for tourist when it comes to hiking mountains in Iceland. And who can blame them? it is absolutely gorgeous!

Clyde river Canyon, South Africa


The third largest canyon in the world, it is also the biggest “green” canyon. It is an experience not to be missed as you drive look out for baboons, vervet monkeys and the occasion wild buck.

  Lake Hiller, Australia


The lake is about 1969 feet (600 meters) long, and is surrounded by a rim of sand and dense woodland of paperbark and eucalyptus trees and the mystery of it’s color haven’t been fully discovered yet. Meanwhile, the only thing we can do is enjoy it, Right?

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