Traveling is never a bad idea, but we want to show you why this 2017 is actually perfect to start a journey or plan a trip.

Technology is on your side:

Technology features are constantly changing some industries, but if we are talking about the travel industry, the technology has made a total twist. You don’t even need to waist money in travel agencies anymore. There are a lot of Apps and Web Pages that help you to find just  what you are looking for and even more! Isn’t that great? The only thing you have to do to plan your trip is type on your phone.


January is perfect for organizing a Bucket List:

Is there a best month to get things in place? In this month everything is fresh and new, ideal to set your travel goals and your plans to accomplish them. You can even accommodate your budget to your trip ideas and organize your travel priorities, January is the month for that.

New Year, New Beginnings:

We know, So cliché, right? But is there something better than to start the year with the right foot? Is perfect for accomplish the things you have always wanted to do. Excuses are not allowed on this year (Except if the excuse involves traveling). Is a fresh start with 365 new opportunities to go where you want to get. So go ahead and get started.


2017 is the year of Sustainable Tourism:

This kind of traveling actually benefits everyone involved. When you support sustainable tourism activities and cities that promote environmental awareness you are contributing to conserve and protect the environment, respect wildlife, flora, biodiversity, ecosystems and cultural diversity, and improve the welfare and livelihoods of local communities. So why not to take advantage of that?