The world has lately many trends but, Is traveling to certain cities one of them? We have discovered which are the most visited cities of this year and we can see why so many people visited them. Take a look:

1. BANGKOK, Thailand


Trying to choose a main attraction in this city is impossible. It’s almost like all the beautiful temples, roads, palaces, towns, rivers and even the people merge into one amazing master piece that can be not only visited, but experienced.

The architecture of Bangkok its incredible: an entire culture reflected on buildings. It’s people and food is not lagging behind, the kindness and humility are basic values of Bangkok’s citizens. Its the most travelled to city of this 2016 and we definitely can see why.



If the UK accent is not charming enough, it’s capital surely is. Architectural marvels, such as the London Eye, The Big Ben, the museums, it’s historical churches and art galleries complemented with a nice and warm cup of tea are reasons enough to plan a trip to this wonderful city.

3. PARIS, France


Of course Paris has to be on this list. Do you think the most romantic city in the world could be left behind? It’s an obvious no from us, and from all the tourists that visited this city during 2016, too. Paris is the city that will never get old, right? It’s not only The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, The Notre Dame Church and The Arc de Triomphe that make this city so special, bus it’s streets, the Parisians cafes, the history and the essence of this captivating city what really steals it’s visitor’s hearts.



This is an amazing and luxury tourist destination with miles of pristine beaches, the biggest shopping malls in the world, breathtaking landmarks, and so much more! It is no surprise that Dubai is the fourth most visited city in the entire world.

5.NEW YORK,  United Estates


The famous Big Apple. The city that never sleeps. Where dreams come true; a lot of Nicknames, right? Well, it deserves them all! The most amazing thing of New York is that it is an ordinary city but so extraordinary at the same time: Broadway, The Central Park, Manhattan, Soho, Time Square, so common concepts that turns unique in a city such as New York.

There’s no space for doubt when we talk about how amazing all of this places are. They are all definitely on our Bucket List, what about yours?