Can you imagine the sky on the earth? It is called “Bioluminescence” and even though it seems unbelievable, it’s a natural phenomenon that takes place in a few bays around the world.

This unusual bays, glow in the dark by the capacity of some living organisms on them to produce light. Despite it’s a scientific explanation, it is still magical to witness:  tiny light flashes dancing to the sound of the sea. Sounds like a performance not to be missed.

 The secret behind some of the most bioluminescent places:


In this case, the phenomenon of illumination was studied by Woodland Hastings of Harvard University. The research results that the sparking organisms cannot be seen individually but together they can be observed as sparkling lights.  It almost seems like a reflection from the starry sky. Amazing, right?


Mexican ancients believed bathing in phosphorescence gave them special energy and made them more youthful, they believed this was a magical lagoon. The truth in here is actually a little individual called phytoplankton which, combined with oxygen, can glow in the dark. Some locals still think it is a fairy place.


This bay was actually declared the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records. The dinoflagellates Pyrodinium Bahamans produce an incredible light show to the nighttime visitors. This individuals thrive in shallow areas, making this small bay the perfect location for them to flourish!


The Gippsland Lakes were formed by two principal processes. The first is the river delta alluvial deposition of sediment brought by the rivers which flow into the lakes. The second process is the action of sea current in Bass Strait which created the Ninety Mile Beach and cut off the river deltas from the sea, which brought phytoplankton whit it. Thats what makes these lakes glow in the dark.
Nature is surely full of surprises and wonders. The most awesome thing about it is that we have an entire lifetime to discover all the mysteries it hides. Meanwhile, enjoying the ones that we actually know about, such as these bays is what we definitely have to do.


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