Did you know that coffee can help you to improve your health? A single cup of coffee contains a lot of antioxidants, besides the manganese and potassium, nutrients that you need to survive.

That means that coffee is not only delicious, but also healthy and if those are not enough  reasons to drink coffee, it is also very easy to find.

There are coffee shops everywhere in the world. In fact, the number of cafes have been increasing a lot lately and that’s why we want to present you some of the best coffee shops on each continent:

Europe: Cafe de la Paix, Paris, France 


The best way to describe this beautiful cafe is a perfect mix between the delicious Parisian coffee and the elegance of the French architecture and art. There’s only one problem about this Cafe: you may fall in love; not only with the structure and the cuisine, but with the essence of this classy and delightful place.

Asia: Cafe Dior, Seoul, South Korea


A luxurious atmosphere of haute couture is in the capital of South Korea is just what this Cafe offers. With an elegant, modern and urban look, this is one of the most unique coffee shops in the entire globe. It’s menu changes according to the seasons, which means that you can enjoy a traditional or unique coffee in this awesome place.

Africa: The Haas Collective, Cape Town, South Africa. 


Haas (the Afrikaans word for “rabbit”) is an almost magical place where things and beauty can be featured in all shapes and sizes. Once you’ve entered and settled with a steaming cup of coffee, your eyes can start its treasure hunt of local artworks, which makes this place a one of a kind.

Oceania: Addison & Steele, Preth,  Australia


Once upon a time, Joseph Addison and Sir Richard Steele saw the opportunity to bring together like-minded people into a space where intellectual conversation and debate could flourish, fueled by caffeine. Nowadays it is an amazing classy looking Cafe, where you can drink a nice cup of coffee as you debate, converse and enjoy the place itself.

America: Cafe Tortoni, Buenos Aires, Argentina 


Originally frequented by a group of painters, writers, journalists and musicians, the place became a historical Cafe-Theatre that captivates the essence of Buenos Aires. The unusual feature about this place is that you can witness a delightful Tango dance presentation while relishing a cup of a delicious “porteño cafe”. Sounds good, right?

The most amazing thing about all of these places is that no matter how far them are from each other, you can experience the same feeling in every one of them: A wonderful, hot cup of coffee in an unique and marvelous place.


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