The chef Wolfgang Puck finally opens his first restaurant in New York after spending decades circumventing the city. Puck has an intercontinental restaurant group distributed across hotels (most recently the Four Seasons in Bahrain), casinos and airports in the United States, Asia and Europe. However, New York was not one of them.

The chefs says that to be a global brand it is necessary to be present in New York. Therefore, he decides to open one of his popular steakhouse restaurants on Church Street. It took Puck two years to make the deal to buy the location for the restaurant and eight months to built it.

Since he was young, Puck dreamed of working in a great restaurant however, he had to work in different locations like Indianapolisto earn his green card before finally setting down in California.

In 2015, he opened a new kitchen in Los Angeles’ Pacific Design Center equipped with all the tools of modernist cuisine – a centrifuge, vacuum distiller, anti-griddles – just as useful for innovating the flavors of frozen pizzas as brunch cocktails. “ I’m all for using modern techniques for evolving my cooking, but I don’t want to serve science experiments,” says Puck.

At the Cut steakhouse restaurant in New York, new techniques will be shown; for example, dinner may begin with aperitifs stirred atop a fleet of rolling Negroni carts or local beef from Pat Lafrieda and Debragga — charred atop a wood-burning Argentine grill — will be dressed in a chimichurri sauce made to order.

The chef also wants the servers to develop a good relationship with their clients by asking them specific questions about how they would like their dishes to be served.You can get a really good steak in a lot of places, but good hospitality, where people are warm and friendly… It seems logical but it’s not.”-Wolfgang Puck

Original article written by: Adam Robb at Voice, october 3rd 2016.