Imagine a restaurant in a glass cube that will be suspended over New York City: that will be the main concept of The Floating Restaurant.

This exotic idea was created in order to retrieve an old power plant that used to generated electricity for New York until it was shut down in 1963.

This emblematic power plant “Glenwood”, is located on the banks of the Hudson’s river. The glass cube will be held with steel cables attached to chimneys and suspended about 50 meters high, offering panoramic views of the Manhattan Island and its surroundings.

The project will be development by “Big Foot Developers”. This concept will involve three different factors: Christelle Calderón De Stefano, says that one of them is the idea of enhance an abandoned area with a 02-exterior_rendering_bird_viewhistorical value; also, they will experiment with technologic resources and last generation materials.



Visitors can get to the two leves of the restaurant, of 180 square meters, using an elevator that will be located inside of one of the chimneys of the Glenwood’s power plant. From there, a cristal bridge will take the people to the salons that will have 11 tables on its main dinning floor. In the center of the cube, they will put a big green wall.

There has been no announcement so far of when the Floating Restaurant could be granted approval for construction. Plan Up will be aware of its develop and opening.


Video here