Located in the Swiss Alps, you can find the new hotel that has no ceiling or walls: The Null Stern Hotel. Located at 1970 meters high, in the Safien Valley, the hotel has only one room available for the guests.


In german, the hotel’s name translates to “zero stars”. As it co-founder, Daniel Charbonier, says: “The star is not the hotel but each guest”.

According to its promoters, the main goal is to place customers at the center of the experience, focusing on the intangible things.

The guest has to take a 10 minutes walk to get to the room and enjoy an unforgettable view. The room has just the necessary furniture, so that the guests can have a comfortable rest.


The hotel counts with a butler who is responsible of serving dinner and a typical region breakfast.

Null Stern announced its launch on July 2016, and it’s already book through the end of 2017. Thanks to its high demand, there are plans to build more “Null Stern” beds in another popular region of Switzerland.