The furniture giant company will open a restaurant in London called “The Dinning Club”  and it will be available only for 15 days, from September 10th to the 25th of the same month.

The Dinning Club seeks to transfer the philosophy of “do it yourself” to the world of hospitality and restaurants and it will have the particularity that the customers are going to cook their own meals.

It is intended to bring together the people with two  expert chefs and three assistants who will teach them to develop more complex dishes, all around with the Ikea kitchen products.

The initiative will take place in an environment that looks like a home’s kitchen that can accommodate a dinner party. All food and drink will be free for the lucky ones who manage to book a table through the website that has enabled the company for this.

When a person makes a reservation at “The Dinning Club” and is accepted, he or she will be responsible for inviting a group of 7 to 19 friends to cook and dine together. The customers will have to work in a composite three-course meal with 3 different options.

Also, the restaurant will feature a special part in which the company will sell their kitchen products.