Telling a story through a dish, presented by carefully crafted menu, is the experience of gastronomic laboratory  in 36 restaurants ind 62 outlets in different parts of Costa Rica.

It is about the inclusion of gastronomy as a tourism product, which seeks to be promoted as a country brand. The project is implemented by the Costa Rican Chamber of Restaurants and Allied Workers (CACORE) with the full support of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT).

Both companies expect that this version of the laboratory encourage and support the consolidation of a sustainable and healthy Costa Rican cuisine in a decisive way to positioning their gastronomy at national and international level.

Alberto Lopez, General Manager of ICT, believe that the potential of Costa Rican cuisine has an important part of the tourism heritage that makes them join efforts to stimulate the culinary innovation.

Chefs and owners of participating restaurants previously gathered to learn and develop important details such as: the preparation, the description of the recipe, ingredients, number of servings to further standardize the evaluation.

“We are making linkages and promote products with a list drawn up by the MAG, INBio and the UCR, with native and differentiated products; as well as organic  and sustainable suppliers” said Alejandro Madrigal, executive director of CACORE.