For those travelers who want to visit a different place and discover new experiences, Plan Up World bring you 5 secret places in Costa Rica:
Piscina de los Pobres: Is located about eight miles from La Fortuna. There are two thermal rivers that merge and create the free natural hot springs known to locals as the Pool of the Poor. Not many tourists are aware of this place, which is marked only by a yellow gate and requires a bit of hiking.
Bahia de los Piratas: This lengthy stretch of rose colored sand and rocks is located south of Playa Conchal. This beach got its unique name, because many pirates used the obscure location as the perfect hideaway. There are a lot of things you can do here like horseback ride, paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkeling.
Cabuya Island: The Cabuya Island is situated at the end of the Nicoya Peninsula, a place that doubles as a cemetery and can only be visited at low tide. Legend has it that this place is haunted by ghosts and the people who are most familiar with this island are supposedly dead. In the night, people are seen taking a candle lit walk for funerals.
Playa Zancudo: This enormous but virtually unknown beach stretches for 6 miles on the shores of the Golfo Dulce in southern Costa Rica. It is one of the best locales to enjoy surfing and hire local fishing boats. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy the variety of indigenous flora and fauna which can be spotted here.
Barra Honda: Barra Honda is unique among the National Parks of Costa Rica: its main attraction is a large, intricate system of limestone caverns, decorated with a multitude of capricious forms and figures. Of the 42 caves in the Barra Honda National Park, only 19 have been fully explored to date. Around the caves, cacti are everywhere, monkeys and bats, too. It is a weird and interesting place to visit.
By Plan Up World

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