One of the most emblematic Hotels in France, who hosted Hemingway, Chanel and princess Diana was closed for renovations on 2012.
After a renewal of 400 million euros and nearly four years of work, the establishment built on 1792 reopens.
The design team spent months preserving 80% of the hotel’s furnishings including 274 chandeliers, 1,295 paintings, and 178 clocks. They also kept details like the hotel’s signature, peach towels and swan-shaped sink faucets.
This place was the first hotel in Paris to have electricity and bathrooms in each guest room; now there are more amenities.
 The common spaces like the world’s first Chanel Spa, the garden courtyard for cocktails and tea, and a newly expanded L’Ecole Ritz Escoffier cooking school are keeping the standard of the city.
But in the time the Ritz has been closed, some establishments have decided to compete with the hotel. Here are some of the favorite places in the City of Light:
  • Peninsula Paris which compete with the private gardens that has jaw-dropping views of the Eiffel Tower.
  • The hôtel Providence for the coolest neighborhood vibes
  • Maison Souquet for an over-the-top look that’ll break your Instagram; this place is a riot of bold shapes and richly colored patterns.
  • 25 Place Dauphine for a location locals covet, their rooms are small and expensive
  • Le Roch for a quiet retreat in the middle of it all.
  • The Meurice by the gilded rooms, done up in shimmering ochre silk and dripping with crystal chandeliers, are still stunning.
By Plan Up World

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