Last Wednesday a press release issued by The European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) has named Cambodia as the World Best Tourism Destination for 2016. Around 30 countries joined the competition for the award this year.
This nation presented its report for the contest under the title ‘Cambodia: The Land of Magic-The place where gods and kings build the world’.
Why did they win the award? Because it has cultural and historical legacy with an outstanding natural beauty.
Cambodia is renowned for two cultural sites in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. One is the 12th century Angkor Archeological Park in Siem Reap province and the other is the 11th century Preah Vihear Temple in the province with the same name.
This nation has also many interesting eco-tourism sites, including a 450 km of unspoilt coastline stretching across four provinces in the country’s southwestern part.
The country attracted some 4.8 million foreign tourists in 2015, earning gross revenue of more than $3 billion, according to the Ministry of Tourism.
“Cambodia, now proclaimed World Best Tourist Destination, must transform this perfect opportunity and universal limelight in a base for attracting investors in the field of hotels and hospitality to cater for the millions that will find their ways to the Kingdom of Wonders and Land of Magic,” said Pavel Avramoiu, director for Hotel Management and Evaluation at ECTT.
By Plan Up World

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